NJABL Dynablock List Now Obsolete

With the advent of Spamhaus's new PBL anti-spam blocking list, it appears that the NJABL Dynablock list is now obsolete. I just saw the following post on the public SPAM-L mailing list, from the NJABL folks: The following text was sent to list AT njabl.org on Jan 19, 2007. Judging from the number of DNS queries still being handled for dynablock.njabl.org, the message doesn't seem to have made it to a wide enough audience.

If you use or know people who use dynablock.njabl.org, this is important information:

With the advent of Spamhaus's PBL (http://spamhaus.org/pbl/), dynablock.njabl.org has become obsolete. Rather than maintain separatesimilar DNSBL zones, NJABL will be working with Spamhaus on the PBL. Effective immediately, dynablock.njabl.org exists as a copy of the Spamhaus PBL. After dynablock users have had ample time to update their configurations, the dynablock.njabl.org zone will be emptied.

Other NJABL zones (i.e. dnsbl, combined, bhnc, and the qw versions) will continue, business as usual, except that combined will eventually lose its dynablock component.

If you currently use dynablock.njabl.org we recommend you switch immediately to pbl.spamhaus.org.

If you currently use combined.njabl.org, we recommend you add pbl.spamhaus.org to the list of DNSBLs you use.

You may also want to consider using zen.spamhaus.org, which is a combination zone consisting of Spamhaus's SBL, XBL, and PBL zones.

(Editor's note: I'm very happy with ZEN so far. See this post detailing my recent experiences.)