Status of DOWN

The RHSBL (right hand side blacklist) appears to have been created by Jeffrey Posluns and appears to have been around since at least August, 2004.

Expanded Spamtraps and Hamtraps

As always, I'm looking to maintain and improve the accuracy of the data behind the reports over at the Blacklist Statistics Center here at DNSBL Resource. Here's a quick overview of a couple of recent improvements I've made.

PSBL: Easy On, Easy Off

The Passive Spam Block List, or PSBL ( is a spamtrap-driven anti-spam blacklist that has been around since at least June, 2003. Created by Rik van Riel, who explains on the PSBL website that “the idea is that 99% of the hosts that send me spam never send me legitimate email, but that people whose mail server was used by spammers should still be able to send me email."

The Fiveten Blacklist: Not Accurate

Fiveten” ( is a combination anti-spam blacklist run by Carl Byington, publishing under the name of “510 Software Group.” This blacklist has been available since at least February, 2001.
It has a multitude of criteria for listings.

Spamhaus ZEN: The DNSBL Resource Review

Spamhaus ZEN is a composite blacklist run by the Spamhaus Project. This UK-based organization was created in 1998 by Steve Linford, and is maintained by a group of employees spread across the globe.