False Positives

One of the things I measure over at the Blacklist Statistics Center is false positives. What are false positives? How do I use the term, exactly?'

Ultimately, there are three different ways to define false positives, depending on whom you ask and who they are. Allow me to explain.


The folks behind UCEPROTECT asked me what it would look like if I were using all three UCEPROTECT backlist zones together. I thought it was a neat idea and decided to share the results publicly. Click here to take a look.

Spam & Ham: Overview & FAQ

A lot of people have asked how the spam and ham (non-spam) data is compiled for the Blacklist Statistics Center here at DNSBL Resource. Where does it come from? What senders does it represent? Here's an updated overview of what goes in to the spam and ham (non-spam) feeds here at DNSBL Resource.

Status of rbl.spamhaus.org: NOT A BLACKLIST

My friend Mickey Chandler pointed out recently that he's been seeing some unusual bounces that look like this:

Host blacklisted - Found on Realtime Black List server blocklist.address.is.wrong.spamhaus.org