How to confirm the current status of SPEWS

I figured it would be helpful if people were able to check my work. If you’d like to confirm for yourself whether or not SPEWS has been updated recently, here’s a couple different ways you could do that.

Go to this page on the SPEWS site, using the Mozilla Firefox web browser. You’ll get a list of network blocks and IP addresses. Right click on an empty space on the page, and select “View Page Info.” The window that pops up contains a “modified” field. That indicates the last time the SPEWS data was updated.

If you don’t use Firefox, here’s another way you can check. Go to and paste in this URL:

Then, hit the submit button. You’ll get a page of output that includes a “last modified” field. This field indicates the last time SPEWS data was updated.

From here you can return to “SPEWS Current Status,” or return to “What to do if you’re listed on SPEWS.”