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Status of ALIVE

The DNSBL “” has been revived. Its maintainer, Sabri Berisha, had previously shut it down in November 2005.

This list aims to allow you to allow or block mail from specific countries, or from certain routers (by AS number). For example, if you wish to block all mail from the US, you could configure as a DNSBL to be used for mail blocking in your email server software, and you would then block all mail from the US, as identified by Sabri’s categorization. For more information, see Sabri’s post to the NANOG mailing list, announcing resuscitation of the list, or click here visit the list’s website.

Note that while these lists may be used to block spam, they're not exactly spam-blocking lists. Rejecting all mail from China simply means that you're going to reject all mail from China, spam or non-spam. It's up to you to determine whether or not this is an acceptable compromise. I assume, like with users of, administrators who choose to use this list are fed up with spam from a certain country's servers, and receive little enough legitimate mail from a country that the risk of false positives is considered acceptable.