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Whitelist provider announced changes to its operating model. Who is " is the leading whitelist provider for email filtering. It is being used by over 50'000 organisations worldwide, and contains close to 100'000 entries of 'good mailservers.' Your email filter should try to avoid tagging messages as spam, if they come from one of those good mailservers."

As announced on their website and on multiple mailing lists today: "As announced earlier, will change it's operating model. "Heavy users" (defined as those doing > 100'000 queries/24 hours on the public nameservers) and vendors of anti-spam products and services will need a paid subscription.

We are now ready to implement the model and will gradually start to enforce it. Since we do not know the current users (all we have are IPs and sometimes hostnames), we will also need to "cut off" users if our attempts at identifying and notifying them fail.

The "cut off" may have two of effects: 1) rsync suddenly stops working 2) queries on the public nameservers are refused. We may be able to reinstate access on a case by case basis.

As usual, we can be reached at admins/at/ (or office/at/ for direct access to the people handling the subscriptions). All details are available from "